MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes

Increase the life of your Tungsten Electrode

Eliminate the Thoria and Maintain the High Performance. Blue-tipped MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes contain a mix of non-radioactive rare earth elements, eliminating the risk to health posed by radioactive thoriated Tungsten Electrodes, whilst maintaining a high performing Tungsten Electrode. MultiStrikes® can be used for welding aluminium with the AC process, as well as steels and alloys with the DC process.

Precise Tungsten Electrodes Tips Every Time

Providing Stable Arc Performance

Manufactured with a diamond wheel, the TEG-1000 Tungsten Electrode Grinder will ensure the grinding of each Tungsten Electrode results in clean and smooth finishes, with no splintering and eliminating arc jumping. The use of the TEG-1000 Grinder will give repeatable Tungsten Electrode points every time, enabling consistent arc performance and welding results.

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